Monday, 30 January 2012

Emily Kiddy - Print and Graphic designer

So far on Monster create and make, I have featured character designs for soft toys. 

Another fascination I have is character design for the apparel designers work that caught my eye is Emily Kiddy.
Emily Kiddy studied fashion enterprise and guest lectures at the University of Creative Arts in Epsom, Surrey. Emily designs for Jo Jo Maman Bebe. You can see Emily's designs for Jo Jo Maman Bebe here at Jo Jo Maman Bebe is just one in Emily's client list!
If you are interested in designing for the apparel market, Emily's blogs are a must read. A wealth of information about fashion can be found on Emily's other blog here
Emily's talent covers everything from fashion, textiles, home-ware, gift, stationery and trendforcasting. Monster create and make loves Emily's designs and is very excited to have Emily feature. Emily has kindly answered a few questions about her designs. Thank you Emily for sharing with us

- Tell us more about yourself, what/who inspired you to design for the apparel market?
I’ve always enjoyed creating things, ever since I was little.  I would always be designing and making things and would never be far from a pot of glue or a set of paints!  When it came to leaving school I went on to do my A-levels that were all in creative subjects.  Then I went on to do an art foundation year before going off to University to study for me degree in Fashion Enterprise.  I guess I just kept doing what I loved and enjoyed and its gradually led me to where I am now.

- Emily your creative talent is wide ranging. Trend forecasting, fashion design, cards, gift wrap, pattern surface design. What is your favourite part of your job?
It’s hard to say, I really do enjoy the whole process.  I do love researching at the beginning of the season and coming up with all my trend stories.  I always wonder what sort of designs will come from them and its always the time I feel most inspired.

- Do you keep a sketchbook? would you mind showing us a bit of your work in progress, from sketch to final piece?
All my design work I do straight onto my computer so I don’t really keep a sketchbook.  I use a pen pad instead of a mouse; this allows me to be very accurate with my hand drawing/sketch work.  I use this like a pencil on paper and the image appears straight on my screen. 

I have been working on some new print concepts of monsters today.  I have created them by scanning fingerprints onto my computer then tracing over them and making them into fun monster characters.

- What are your tools of the trade, Do you use any computer software packages for your designs?
I use both a mac book pro and an i mac computer.  I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for the majority of my work.

- I notice you have some characters on your blog. Stu and Dave are my Favourites. Do you have any more characters you can share with us?
I get commissioned by various clients to do character work.  Here are a few I have been working on recently.

- How do you decide on the type of fabric used in one of your apparel designs? 
It depends a lot on the type of garment as well as the application I’m going to put on it e.g. an applique or print.  I like to try and get a lot of texture into my work which I think works great for kids garments.  I like putting jersey appliques on denim and denim chambray appliques on jersey to make a really layered tactile and fun application.

- When designing for a client, is there much deviation from your design to final piece?
Obviously things change as different people offer input and opinions throughout the design process!  Also, with such big challenges with garment cost at present, it’s important to use new and fun ways of embellishing garments while keeping to a lower price point.  This also means that some of my designs that may start off highly embellished have to be simplified on occasions to meet competitive price points too.

- Emily, one more question Cadburys creme egg or Kinder Surprise?
Definitely Kinder Surprise…I love making something while I eat chocolate at the same time!  It’s the perfect treat!

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